Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two blogs with one stone.

Inspired by my Ambien-fueled post about hanging out in the sexy-book section of a book store, I decided to try it tonight.  I went to the Barnes & Noble at Richland Mall because I could stop in and visit my friends Jim and Jerry at Columbia Children's Theatre after.  I ALSO brought The Messrs. P with me, because what's more awkward than hanging out in the sexy-book section of a bookstore while posing fancy eggs and taking pictures of them?  And I need some 365 pics. 

First of all, I realize that this is not the most populated bookstore out there [cue tumbleweed and old-west whistley sound].  Baby steps, people. BUT, they do have their sexy books way out in the open.

Eek!  No aisle to hide in!  Ew - I guess that's the point.

And, they only have about three shelves worth of books.  The unComfortable part had less to do with flipping through the Kama Sutra and more to do with breaking out the Messrs. - who are surprisingly clicky when posed on metal shelves - and taking pictures.  But I got a couple of good ones.  Plus, I heard a random conversation that went something like this:

Woman: "How did you get so good at volleyball?"
Girl (who apparently had no idea who this woman was): "What?"
Woman: "How did you get so good at volleyball?"
Girl: " played in high school."
Woman walks away. 

Not nearly as interesting as Sally and Curtis, but a bit of a head-scratcher nonetheless. 

The girl was looking at relationship books, which are right beside the Sexy Books.  Well, I say girl.  I have no idea what she looked like other than she was wearing a striped shirt.   One doesn't make eye contact when one is posing eggs in the Sexy Books.

I did not make comments to passers-by.  But I did look in the children's section (which is disturbingly close to the sexy section) for the Sesame Street book cover I used in my previous post.  I had visions of posing behind the "I'm So Embarrassed" cover with just my glasses showing.  Over my eyeballs, I mean.


Then, I went upstairs to say a quick hello to my friends, Jim & Jerry.  They are in tech week for Robin Hood, so I didn't want to stay too long, but the Messrs. and I did get a sneak peek at the show.

"Oh my, Mr. P - that Robin Hood is one dreamy ginger!"


  1. Congrats on this one, girl! I get all red-faced and sweaty-palmed just thinking about the sexy book section of the bookstore - who knows what would happen if I actually walked around in one!

    This definitely took some guts. Good for you!

  2. Thanks, Megan! It did make me really nervous. Next time, I'm going to try a bigger store and actually stand there for more than five minutes and flip through some books. Books with PICTURES.

  3. Girl, I got no shame in my game. I have NO PROBLEM looking at the sexy books at the bookstore, so you're welcome to go with me any time. I grab a stack of books and sit right there on the floor and read them! (I think Kim Finney sat with me reading a dirty magazine one time at Barnes and Noble.)