Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Live on tape.

The reason I did this is explained in the video below.  I was surprised by the fact that, while editing and watching it, I thought, "Aw, I like her."  Baby steps.

I am nervous about putting it out there and having mean people make mean comments.  But not doing so would be staying in the CZone, so, here goes. 

...so, apparently, Blogger will only upload videos from YouTube.  I just waited over an hour to upload and have Vimeo format my video and do not want to wait another hour (or whatever) for the video to upload from my computer.  So, here's the link

Mission: Busking

So, I've seen a few people around town playing on the sidewalk or by the fountain in 5 Points.  And I'm short on cash right now. And I'm really nervous about playing my guitar in front of anybody.

So, I think busking will be my next (first?) mission.

I will not be wearing this outfit.

Not sure where to set up or what time of day or evening to do it.  I believe I may need a few compatriots to accompany me on a fact-finding mission one of these evenings......

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy! What?!

I am currently in the middle of tech week for a play that will open on Friday, so I haven't had much time to DO anything outside my comfort zone (other than walking around in a costume that requires me to wear PANTS with no big top or dress covering my BUTT). Also, a friend has wisely advised that I postpone the rock climbing wall until after the show closes. 

So I need to come up with something to DO, already! 

There's a Groupon for flying lessons, but it's $99 and I don't know if I can float that right now. I had a random thought about walking around in public in a pair of shorts, but that's NOT going to happen. Maybe an open mic night?  Ach, I'm at a loss.

What do you think, 8 followers of mine?  What should I do?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have a mission.

One of the things I NEVER have wanted to do is try to make it up a rock climbing wall.  There are many reasons for this: I'm clumsy; I have no muscle tone; I don't have the right outfit. But mostly, I'm not crazy about having my fat ass suspended above the vulnerable little muscled people below.

Then there's this: