Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have a mission.

One of the things I NEVER have wanted to do is try to make it up a rock climbing wall.  There are many reasons for this: I'm clumsy; I have no muscle tone; I don't have the right outfit. But mostly, I'm not crazy about having my fat ass suspended above the vulnerable little muscled people below.

Then there's this:

Not a good look.

Also, I tried to find pictures of fat people rock climbing and there aren't any.  I got pictures of fat people and pictures of rock climbing, but none of them were together.  So I'm not sure that it's even legal for me do to this.  I mean, do they have harnesses that will hold me?  If I fall, will my fit, little gym buddy get taken down with me like a coconut from a palm tree?  If she hits her head, will it make that awful coconut sound? So many questions.....

Which can only be answered by doing it, right?  So I'm sending out the call: if you belong to a gym that has a rock climbing wall, take me as your guest for an hour or so.  I'll try not to break anything (including you).

UPDATE: I have two friends who belong to a gym with one of these things.  If I want to do a walk-in, it's only $10.  I will be documenting via photo and Flip cam - stay tuned!  

UPDATE on the UPDATE: I just talked to a lovely fellow named Cameron at Stronghold - I can't do the climb without a trained person there to help, and nobody's there at the time I'm going.  So, I'm going to set that up for later and just go anyway and work out.  At a gym.  Which is not as far out of my comfort zone as rock climbing, but it's not sitting on my couch, either.  

UPDATE #3: Woke up with a terrible migraine today and was in bed until 4:30 this afternoon because of it, so I did not make it to the gym today.  BUT, this is on my list now and it WILL happen at some point!

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  1. You are so brave! And awesome! And beautiful! I completely love you (even more than usual) for being willing to confront a fear like this. And I know you're going to do GREAT!