Friday, April 22, 2011

Rule breakah.

I have always been a pretty by-the-book girl.  I think it comes from being raised by a school teacher and an engineer, along with some vestiges of typical first born personality traits (I am definitely not Type A, but I cannot bring myself to sneak into the movies or go to a park after it officially closes).  I am terrible at lying (embellishing doesn't count), I can't haggle, and I feel guilty about taking free samples of things that I have no intention of buying. 

But some rules need a little bending every once and a while. 

So, when I heard that the Free Times cat was again in need of a home, I volunteered mine.  Even though may apartment lease says no pets.  Even though I worry that my landlord will find out and kick me out (he wouldn't, I don't think, but I tend to obsess).  Even though it makes me really nervous, as of about noon today,  I have a house guest.  His name is Ben. 

He is talkative when he's nervous and a chirpy purr-factory when he's not. He's already found his Safe Place:

He goes behind the door in the bathroom and scoots himself between the shower curtain and the tub and just sits there.  It's adorable and sad at the same time.  I hope to get a better picture soon.

UPDATE: after less than 24 hours, Ben FT has gotten much more comfortable in his new home - this is his new Safe Place:

He also loves a snuggie, y'all: 


  1. Beautiful post! You are such a good momma. :)
    (and here I thought I was the only one who was careful to observe park closing hours!)

  2. I am actually envisioning a "Notice of Eviction" notice waiting for me on my front door when I get home! Totally unreasonable!